Eva Navarro López

Scientist artist

Passionate scientist, inspiring educator, with a Mexican soul

With extensive experience in multidisciplinary research centred around the fields of computer science, systems modelling, simulation and control, industrial work, project management, technology development, leadership positions, passionate communication, teaching and mentoring, Eva is applying her knowledge, rigour and creativity to generate new brain-inspired models of computation, learning and evolution for complex systems

With a passion for research and wide span of interests, Eva's area of expertise defies easy compartmentalisation, and the multidisciplinary approach she has developed sets her apart from her computer science peer group. Her natural inclination is to open new pathways rather than re-tread old ones. She has an acknowledged ability to build new areas of research from scratch, identify key problems and raise questions that have not been voiced before. She approaches the answers in an original way by transferring ideas from one field to another. Few computer scientists can credibly claim to have controlled robots, eliminated mechanical vibration in oil fields, introduced formal methods of computer science into dynamical systems theory, and modelled important aspects of the human brain to create a new theory of neuroplasticity with the potential to radically change the study of the brain and neuromorphic computing.

Eva is a scientist of international standing in hybrid dynamical systems, cyber-physical systems, network science, mathematical modelling, simulation, automated verification and reasoning, formal methods of computer science, symbolic artificial intelligence (AI), automation, control engineering, robotics, stability of dynamical systems, evolution of complex systems, self-organisation, advanced algorithms, computational neuroscience, neuro-inspired computing, data science and collective intelligence.

Eva has developed her career in industry and academia in three different countries: Mexico, the UK and Spain. She shadowed the footsteps of Alan Turing in Manchester, and Santiago Ramón y Cajal in Madrid. She is one of the world's experts in Turing's morphogenesis –having collaborated with Alan Turing’s last student.

She is currently proposing new models of computation, learning and evolution for complex systems as a Reader in Data Science and Director and founder of AiDAs, the Artificial intelligence and DAta science Research Lab at the School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Wolverhampton. In the UK, a Reader is equivalent to a Full Professor without a chair and is a research-oriented permanent professorial post. Just as a reference, Alan Turing, the father of artificial intelligence and modern computer science, was a Reader.

Eva is also modelling important aspects of the human brain.

Embedded within the nascent field of cyber-physical social systems, she is also a Honorary Senior Research Fellow of the Spatial Policy Lab of the Manchester Urban Institute and the School of Environment, Education and Development at The University of Manchester, where she applies network and data science to analyse social and urban dynamics. Moreover, she is part of the core team of AI Mexico, which promotes AI education and its responsible adoption by industry. AI Mexico is the coordinating institution of the Coalition IA2030Mx, in charge of the National Agenda for AI of Mexico. She is part of TechnoLatinas, a community to bring together technologists and scientists from Latin America and all around the world to support each other and advocate for equality, diversity and inclusion.

Eva is also a lover of philosophy, arts, music and poetry.

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Contact Eva Navarro at e.navarrolopez@wlv.ac.uk

School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematical Sciences

Faculty of Science and Engineering

University of Wolverhampton

Alan Turing Building

Wulfruna Street, Wolverhampton WV1 1LY, UK