AiDAs: the Artificial intelligence and DAta science Research Lab, for which I have the honour of being Director and founder. AiDAs contains ADA, a homage to Ada Lovelace.

The AiDAs Research Lab is primarily focused on defining the foundations of the next generation of artificial intelligence (AI) and data science by the proposal of new nature-inspired models of computation, learning and evolution of complex systems. The working of the human brain and Alan Turing's morphogenesis are our paradigms.

AiDAs has four main coupled research lines:

(L1) Formalisation of intelligence in nature and in machines.

(L2) Complex systems modelling, with special focus on the modelling and analysis of self-organisation, self-learning and dynamical evolution.

(L3) Automation, with special focus on automated verification of dynamical properties of hybrid systems.

(L4) Social computing, with special focus on social interactions and evolution of communities for networked human-machine systems.

The future of evolving intelligent systems: 4 intersecting research lines at AiDAs.

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