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I am committed and passionate about teaching, and experienced in a broad array of subjects in computing, mathematics, hybrid systems, complex networks, collective dynamics and intelligence, distributed bio-inspired intelligence, self-organisation, multi-agent systems, synchronisation, data science, research methods, scientific writing and communication, team work, and creativity. In recognition to the excellence of my teaching activities, I am accredited as Fellow of The Higher Education Academy of the UK

I have been the supervisor of 10 PhD students (5 finished), 21 MSc students, and 31 last-year undergraduate projects, and mentor for more than 350 people. A list of selected research projects under my supervision is at the following link.

In my classes, I use non-traditional teaching methods and encourage critical thinking and ‘neurolearning’ (you cannot learnt it, if you do not feel it). I also practice ‘neuroworking’, because you can only work, if you feel what you are doing.

Testimonials of some of my satisfied students are available at the following link. Details on my teaching philosophy are at the following link.

Teaching experience

Leadership, administration and management teaching roles

Would you like to learn in my classes?