Reaching to the general public

  • Presence in media and press:

  • “Women called to take part in new European ACM conference”. Computer World UK, 12th December, 2013.

  • Interview by Google within the series “CS on Air – Women in Engineering” to encourage women into science and engineering. 12th March, 2013. Google rarely interviews people outside the organisation.

  • “El escándalo de la nueva fuga de cerebros” (“The scandal of the new brain drain”). Eureka, El Mundo, n. 48, 20th February, 2011. El Mundo is a high-profile Spanish newspaper.

  • “Españoles a la fuga” (“Spanish on the run”). Interviú, 28th March, 2011. Interviú is a high-profile Spanish magazine.

  • Appearances in several prime-time bulletins on Televisión Española 1 (TVE 1) and Televisión Española 2 (TVE 2), reporting my work on control of legged-walking robots at CSIC-IAI Madrid. TVE is equivalent to the BBC.

  • Other stories to tell:

  • "Urgently seeking: black women computer scientists". Deborah Gabriel. Black British Academics for equality in higher education, 8th July, 2013.

  • "ACM-Women Europe Conference: History in the Making". Black British Academics for equality in higher education, 7th March, 2014.

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